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The Department of Labour is one of the oldest Departments of Government and is carrying out the responsibility of labour welfare and maintenance of smooth industrial relations. The activities regarding enforcement of labour laws and promotion of industrial peace are simultaneously carried on, so that the twin objectives of industrial growth and labour welfare can be achieved.

At the State level, the Department is headed by the Hon’ble Minister for Labour and he is assisted by the Principal Secretary. This Department has 4 sub-departments directly functioning under the control of the Hon’ble Minister for Labour. At official level, the Principal Secretary to Government, Labour Department, controls and co-ordinates these 4 sub-Departments. The four sub-Departments are-

Department of Labour
Directorate of Employement & Training
Department of Factories, Boilers,Industrial Safety & Health
Directorate of ESIS(M) Services

The Heads of the Departments of all the above 4 sub-Departments directly report to the Hon’ble Minister for Labour through the Principal Secretary. They are independently looking after the work of their respective Departments.

Vision :

To achieve industrial harmony and labour welfare, enhance employability and employment, protect the working community from industrial occupational hazards and provide comprehensive health care to the workers.

Mission :

To create skilled and efficient labour force, whose welfare, health, safety is maintained with harmonious industrial relations to accelerate the economic progress of the State.

Objective :
  • To achieve harmonious industrial relations and quick settlement of disputes.
  • To enhance quality of life of industrial workforce through skill upgradation.
  • To achieve better welfare of both organized and un-organised labour through enforcement of labour laws and social security schemes.
  • Release of child labour and their rehabilitation.
  • Promoting skill development and training for better employability.
  • To monitor and evaluate the work place safety, health and welfare measures to enhance conducive work environment.
  • To provide comprehensive quality Health care to the workers in the organized and un-organised sector.
  • To enhance responsiveness, efficiency and transparency in administration.
Functions :
  • Promoting harmonious relations between labour and management through effective intervention to eligible beneficiaries.
  • Regulating wages and other service conditions and extend welfare measures like RSBY, NPS lite, etc.
  • Strengthening vigilance against child labour and rehabilitation.
  • Imparting training and skill development to meet technological advances for improving the efficiency and employability of the youth.
  • Creating an environment for harmonious Public Private Partnership to take forward skill training.
  • Overseeing and evaluate the aspect of safety, health and welfare of the workers employed in the registered Factories and Boilers.
  • Ensuring adequate safety and conducive health environment to the employees involved in construction activities.
  • Establishing adequate ESI dispensaries and Insurance Medical Practitioner System, upgradation of medical facilities and ensure adequate supply of drugs and consumables.
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